Sabowind erects three wind energy turbines in Poland

Bydgoszcz, 14th August 2019: Sabowind Polska Sp. Z o.o. acquired three turbines with 2.0 megawatt rated power each from a repowering project in Rhineland-Palatinate. Currently, the turbines are dissembled and transported to Poland. In the following three months the wind energy turbines will be erected in central of Poland on three high wind areas and will be put into operation.

Although the turbine already have produced more than 17 years renewable energy in Germany, they are in a technical good condition. With their further operation on the new sites the turbines produce renewable energy for 3,800 households and reduces CO2 by 12,000 tons every year. 

Due to the restrictive instructions in Poland, it is not possible to reschedule the already approved sites with more modern wind energy turbines. For this reason the participation on the auction procedure for a legal buyback price is unpossible. „Though we got it managed to conclude a power supply contract with the regional power company. The negotiated PPAs of the repowering turbines offer Sabowind the opportunity, to use the existing wind potential efficient“, so Lidia Paczkowska, CEO of Sabowind Polska.

Especially the communities, where the turbines will be erect, support the investment. The communities participate through tax receipts of the wind energy turbines. Therefore, the communities have new investment opportunities. All maintenance work and services on the wind energy turbines will be supplied by Sabowind Service GmbH.

Sabowind Polska Sp.z o.o. is a subsidiary company of 100% of the German company Sabowind GmbH. Sabowind Polska developed and realized since 2007 wind energy projects with a volume of app. 200 MW and photovoltaics projects of app. 50 MW.    

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