Acceptances of bid for 10 Megawatt in Saxony

Freiberg, 17th of May 2018. Sabowind participated with a repowering project in the second tender of 2018 for wind onshore and succeeded on 1st of May 2018 with two acceptances of a bid.

The project is located within the district of Zwickau in Saxony. It is planned to erect three wind energy turbines of the type Vestas V126 3.3/3.45 with 3.45 megawatt total rated power each and hub heights of 166 meters and to dismantle one old turbine. Together, the three new wind energy turbines will produce more than 25 million kilowatt hours of wind energy and will provide clean energy to about 7,100 average households. The building permit for the erection of the three turbines was issued in March 2018.

The FNA scheduled an allocable volume of 700 megawatt for the fifth tender for wind onshore. Altogether only 111 biddings with a volume of 604 MW participated in this tender. So we had an participation less than the allocable volume, for the first time. All the 111 biddings with a total volume of 604 MW obtained of a bid, among them 16 cooperatives of local citizens. The lowest price that obtained an acceptance of a bid, is 4,30 ct/kWh, the offer with the highest price is 6,28 ct/kWh. The average volume-weighted price is 5,73 ct/kWh.

It is planned to implement the project in 2018. After commissioning of the three turbines Sabowind Service GmbH will take over the technical and commercial management.

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