Are you a landowner who would like to see better returns from your land?

Then Sabowind is exactly the right partner for you! We are always searching for new locations for wind turbines: why not make a contribution to the energy transition strategy and lease your plot as a location for a new wind turbine? Your land can earn a regular rent at absolutely no extra expense to you.

A lease agreement for the use of your land forms the basis of the wind project. We provide you with comprehensive advice in concluding a long-term lease agreement, which will run for the entire operational lifetime of the turbine. We will take into consideration the mandatory distances and roads as well as cable installation and airspace rights. We will also support you with the necessary encumbrance and during your appointment with a notary. 

We provide full information on wind projects to land owners at land owners’ meetings. We also provide advice in selecting a suitable form of contract. We are of course always happy to consult with your tenant. We use as little ground space as possible for the wind turbine: apart from the space needed for the foundations and access roads, you can continue to use the land for agriculture or forestry. 

Are you an agricultural cooperative or an agricultural or forestry business acting as a land owner and tenant? If so, you can take an even more substantial commercial interest in the wind project. This can be in the form of participation or even owner operation, for example. In this context it is also possible to have a say in the structuring of the wind farm and its roads and cable installation as well as the implementation of compensatory measures.

The particular advantage of having Sabowind as your partner: we provide everything you need from a single source. That includes the development of the location right through to commissioning the wind turbine. We guarantee you the consistent implementation of your project, in keeping with agreed timescales. The best qualifications for this are our long-established experience and excellent contacts with wind turbine manufacturers, suppliers, banks and insurance companies. 

At your request we will also assume total operational management of the turbine. Throughout the period of operation we will continue to be your individual and personal point of contact. As a family business we know how to value long-term, dependable partnerships.

Are you interested in leasing your land as a location for a wind turbine? Then simply get in touch with us! We would be very happy to check over your land to assess its suitability as a location, taking into account all the important criteria such as distance from a residential area, the requirements of nature conservation, and wind frequency and strength.

Did you know…

…that a wind turbine takes up relatively little space during operation?

The land where the facility is situated can continue to be used for agricultural and forestry purposes.

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