An increasing number of local authorities are promoting energy transition by taking a direct hand in the development and implementation of wind projects.

The advantages are plain to see: you are involved in the design of the wind project from the start, the added value remains in the community and business tax revenues soar.

As a local authority, it therefore makes sense for you to collaborate on the creation of a wind project now. Every step in the planning and construction, such as consequential compensation measures, is agreed on site with all involved. Sabowind will support you in urban land use planning for wind turbines, helping you determine the number and height of the wind turbines, for example. In the same way we will support you in developing a public participation model.

We believe strongly in working with regional companies in the planning, construction and operational stages of every project, for example when awarding contracts for:

  • Expert consultants such as ornithologists and surveying firms
  • Landscape conservation plans
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Constructing roads and foundations and laying underground cables
  • Compensatory measures (garden centres, tree nurseries)
  • Services and maintenance
  • Green space management and winter road maintenance

We aim to bring the greatest possible transparency to the implementation of projects and to provide comprehensive information right from the start, for example by holding information events where we answer questions from people affected by the project. As we feel particularly accountable to residents living near wind turbines, we safeguard their interests from the planning stage on with regard to legal minimum distances and admissible noise levels. We also provide you with a range of models for involvement. This covers participation by the local authority, individual residents or associations, right through to owner operation by the local authority or a public utility company. In every case, as a local authority you will benefit from long-term, predictable business tax revenues.

Another considerable contribution to local added value comes from payments for the use of property or land.

As a regional energy supplier or a public utility company you can strengthen your competitive position long-term by producing your own energy. Sabowind is your ideal partner in planning and implementing wind turbines turn-key for owner operation. This provides you with the opportunity to contribute to the energy transition strategy – with clear advantages for both you and energy users resulting from the local production of energy.

Energy from the region for the region – shape the switch to tomorrow’s energy supply with Sabowind.

Did you know…
…that noise emissions from a wind turbine close to a purely residential area must not exceed the value of 35 dB(A) at night?

Human speech is around 40 to 60 dB(A).

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