Sabowind puts 40 kWp photovoltaics system into operation

Freiberg, 9th January 2019. In December last year our 40-kWp photovoltaics system was put into operation on the roof of the new erected Sabowind Service hall. With an estimated power generation of 30,000...

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Commissioning with municipal agreement

Freiberg/Dennheritz, 23rd November 2018. On 23rd November 2018 Sabowind commissioned together with the Vestas service team the wind energy turbine in Dennheritz that has been approved before with the...

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Sabowind in pictures


Ways are free from snow in our wind farm Krystofovy Hamry. 


For caring the wind energy turbines Sabowind Service always gets to them. In a pinch with ski. 


Sabowind Service GmbH in winter action. 


impressions of current maintenance works at windfarm Alsleben.


The wind turbine in Dennheritz is finally erected and is currently being put into operation.


The new hall is finished. Now the interior works can start.



project Alsleben III: In this year the community of Alsleben invested the donation of Sabowind in a PV system in the local open air bath. Picture: daily paper “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung”, Pülicher

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Wind energy experienced very close

Freiberg, Dennheritz, 15th October 2018. On Monday Sabowind opened its construction site in Dennheritz spontaneously for the visit of the day-care center “Pfiffikus”. The...

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Sabowind expands technical service

Freiberg, 07.08.2018. Sabowind Service is going to expand the operations and maintenance sector beside the technical and commercial management for wind energy turbines. The...

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Sabowind erects another wind energy turbine

Dennheritz, 16.07.2018: In spite of the restrictive renewable energy policy of the Saxon state government Sabowind succeeded in implementing another wind energy turbine again....

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Sabowind Service partner of fire brigade

Freiberg/Kleinwaltersdorf, 25.05.2018. Within the scope of the 130th Anniversary event of the volunteer fire brigade of the community Kleinwaltersdorf near Freiberg on 25th May...

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