Since 1991 we have been developed and implemented wind energy projects with 261 wind energy turbines and more than 410 MW total rated power at 62 locations in five different countries – 115 MW thereof on international groundSabowind GmbH is an energy supply company in terms of § 3 No. 18 EnWG (energy industry law) and contributes with its erected turbines to the renewable energy production with app930 GWh per year.


Commissioning with municipal agreement

Freiberg/Dennheritz, 23rd November 2018. On 23rd November 2018 Sabowind commissioned together with the Vestas service team the wind energy turbine in Dennheritz that has been approved before with the agreement of the community. The acceptance of the community Dennheritz as well as the good cooperation with the local farmers enabled a quick approval and implementation of the turbine. Even during the construction phase the residents were strongly interested in the project.

All building measures of the 3. turbine in windfarm Dennheritz went according to plan. Now the turbine with a hub height of 141,5 m and a rotor diameter of 117 m can provide clean energy to about 2,500 average households. This turbine is one of 17 turbines to be erected in Saxony in 2018 altogether.

In December 2017 Sabowind was issued the building permit according to the Federal Immission Control Act for the erection and operation of a turbine of the type Vestas V117. After the successful participation in the tender of the Federal Network Agency for wind onshore on 1st February 2018 the project could be implemented as planned. Start of construction works was on 2nd July 2018 under the direction of Sabowind as general contractor. Sabowind Service will be responsible for technical and commercial management of the turbine.

In order to compensate the impairments of nature, two comprehensive compensating measures were implemented amounting to approximately 60,000 Euros. By upgrading existing subterranean slots and water tanks in the community of Gablenz (Crimmitschau) bat habitats were created for species potentially affected by the construction measures. The second measure includes the plantation of a hedge with five rows over a distance of 270 m in the community of Langenchursdorf (Callenberg) in order to enhance the natural scenery.

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