Since 1991 we have been developed and implemented wind energy projects with 261 wind energy turbines and more than 410 MW total rated power at 62 locations in five different countries – 115 MW thereof on international groundSabowind GmbH is an energy supply company in terms of § 3 No. 18 EnWG (energy industry law) and contributes with its erected turbines to the renewable energy production with app930 GWh per year.


Sabowind Service dismantles old wind turbines in the wind farm Gersdorf

Freiberg / Gersdorf, 18th of March, 2020: In the Gersdorf wind farm, the dismantling of the two Nordex N54 with a hub height of 70 meters is in full swing. Sabowind Service GmbH independently takes over the dismantling of the old systems. After dismantling the two wind turbines, the foundations are removed and the areas of agricultural use returned.

As part of a repowering project in the Gersdorf wind farm, Sabowind Service GmbH is currently dismantling two Nordex N54 wind turbines, each with a hub height of 70 meters and a nominal output of 1 MW, i.e. the system components are being laid on the ground for further disassembly and disposed of appropriately.

This is followed by the complete removal of the two foundations from the ground, as well as professional recycling. Since the foundations each have a weight of approx. 500 tons, Sabowind Service GmbH uses a so-called "loosening blast" to accelerate the dismantling of the foundations.

For this it is first necessary to loosen the foundation with small amounts of explosives. Once the concrete has been crushed, a mobile crusher uses it to produce concrete recycling, which in turn can be used for new projects. The steel is loosened from the concrete using a concrete scissor and melted down in a recycling plant.

The two complete foundations, the crane parking spaces and the paths used for maintenance work on the wind turbines are to be completely dismantled by early April and filled with suitable soil so that the restored areas can then be returned to agricultural use.

Sabowind Service GmbH takes over the technical and commercial management of onshore wind turbines in Germany and Poland. As a specialist in the areas of service and maintenance, Sabowind Service regularly carries out repairs, maintenance, inspections and the replacement of large components on wind turbines.

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