Since 1991 we have been developed and implemented wind energy projects with 261 wind energy turbines and more than 410 MW total rated power at 62 locations in five different countries – 115 MW thereof on international groundSabowind GmbH is an energy supply company in terms of § 3 No. 18 EnWG (energy industry law) and contributes with its erected turbines to the renewable energy production with app930 GWh per year.


News relating to WEA Sitten

Highest wind energy turbine of Saxony in operation

The erection of the highest wind energy turbine of Middle Saxony in Sitten could be finished successfully on 29th July 2009. The turbine of the type Vestas V90-2MW NH 125 m and a total height of 170 m is an additional turbine in the existing wind farm Sitten with 7 turbines of the type Tacke TW1.5s with 63 m hub height. It is intended to repower the wind farm.

The advantage of high energy turbines is the potential to compensate territory differences and turbulences. The higher the turbine the higher the wind speed and the stronger the wind flow. For comparison: Our turbine with 125 m hub height produces 100% more yield than one of the existing turbines of the type Tacke TW1.5s with a hub height of 63 m.

From the planning to the erection only one year passed. Even though the building permit of this big turbine required the modification of the layout plan from a prescribed total height of 100 m to a total height of 170 m. What has to be highlighted is the support of the mayor Mr. Heckel and the district council of the community Bockelwitz endorsing the implementation of a project with a high cost effectiveness and therewith support their community financially with higher trade tax revenues.

The commercial and technical management for the operator of the turbine, Windkraft Sitten GmbH & Co. KG, is carried out by our partner company HELIOTEC Betriebs- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH. Thus, we will further be the main contact for the operator during the operation time of 25 years.

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