Since 1991 we have been developed and implemented wind energy projects with 261 wind energy turbines and more than 410 MW total rated power at 62 locations in five different countries – 115 MW thereof on international groundSabowind GmbH is an energy supply company in terms of § 3 No. 18 EnWG (energy industry law) and contributes with its erected turbines to the renewable energy production with app930 GWh per year.

Mochau I

News relating to WET Mochau I

Construction at the site Mochau has started - SDL-Bonus for MM92

The management of the eab Projektmanagement GmbH received on November 18th 2010 in Berlin the Vietnamese delegation of the Ninh Thuan province under the direction of the chairman of the People`s Committee of the Province, Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung.

During the meeting the progress of the project development of eab Projektmanagement GmbH and its subsidiary eab vietwindpower Ltd., Co. in the Ninh Thuan province was discussed. The general manager of eab Projektmanagement GmbH, Dr. Rainer Sack, informed on the actual status of the wind energy project. For the project with a total rated power of 120 MW both the feasibility study and the grid study have been handed in for examination at the Ministry of Energy.

Important for the implementation of the project is the decision of the Vietnamese State on the level of the feed-in tariff for the produced wind electricity. The decision is expected before the end of this year.

The chairman of the People´s Committee, Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung, emphasized that eab Projektmanagement GmbH has got the full support of the representatives of the Ninh Thuan province and that the implementation of this project as one of the first big projects for the use of wind energy in Vietnam is of great interest. Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung favoured the implementation of a first construction section already in the next year.

In October of last year, during the international “Ninh Thuan Investment Promotion Conference 2009” in Phan Rang-Thap Cham, the chairman of the People´s Committee of the Ninh Thuan province, Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung, handed over the investment certificate to our Vietnamese subsidiary vietwindpower Ltd., Co for their first wind energy project.

Erection of a REpower MM92 – for further 5 WET applications under way

After only 7 months a further site that was developed by eab Projektmanagement GmbH has been granted approval and is ready for building. The location is situated within the already existing wind farm Mochau close to the motorway A14 between Mochau and Döbeln in Saxony. The turbine of the type REpower MM92 with a rated power of 2,05 MW, a rotor diameter of 92 m and a hub height of 80 m shall produce 4,8 m. kWh per year and thus will provide app. 2,400 2-person-housholds with clean energy.

eab Projektmanagement GmbH will start with the building of the necessary infrastructure in September. The erection and the initial operation shall follow by December this year.

For the erection of another five wind energy turbines the permits are expected in this year. eab Projektmanagement GmbH has the aim to realize further German projects with a total rated power of 120 MW by the end of 2012.

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