Selected compensating measures

For the erection and operation of wind energy turbines Sabowind puts a lot of energy in finding and planning appropriate compensating measures, while we try to compensate impairments directly at the location together with the local communities. The final agreement of the compensating measures is done by the nature conservation authority. From unsealing areas and plantations up to near-natural waters all measures are possible, which enhance the landscape and provide an ecological surplus for animals and nature.

restoring an orchard meadow as habitat of many bird species

measure of high value for nature conservation

As part of the permission for the construction of three wind turbines at wind farm Heldrungen-Braunsroda, a 37.000 m2 orchard meadow has been restored within the community of Heldrungen. The area was cleared from bushes, old fruit trees have been trimmed and existing growing has been supplemented with new plantations of regional fruit varieties.

The diversified mosaic of different tree species and ages has a high value for nature conservation because it improves the landscape as well as soil and water functions and offers a habitat for many plants and animals. Birds such as the European green woodpecker, the gray woodpecker and the red-backed shrike can breed and find food here.

To prevent new scrub encroachment the area is used as sheep pasture. Thus, the grassland below the trees is used gently and grass is used economically for feeding.

Before and after



Assoziated project:
Plant count:
Plant type:
Enercon E-92/138 m, Enercon E-115/135 m
Realization period:
10.2016 - 03.2017

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