Selected compensating measures

For the erection and operation of wind energy turbines Sabowind puts a lot of energy in finding and planning appropriate compensating measures, while we try to compensate impairments directly at the location together with the local communities. The final agreement of the compensating measures is done by the nature conservation authority. From unsealing areas and plantations up to near-natural waters all measures are possible, which enhance the landscape and provide an ecological surplus for animals and nature.

plantation of a hedge to create habitat network

hedge plantation Löbau and plantation of orchard meadow Wittgendorf

In the course of constructing a wind turbine at wind farm Melaune, a hedge and an orchard meadow were planted at Löbau respectively Wittgendorf, to compensate impairments of nature and landscape.

The hedge is situated in the suburban area of the town Löbau and was planted on intensively used grassland to create habitat network between garden plots at the south west of Löbau and the valley of the river Löbauer Wasser. It also enhances food supply for insects, birds and small mammals.

The orchard plantation also took place on former grassland. Because it is situated on the edge of the forest, it forms a transition to the open country. Insects, bats and many bird species find a potential habitat or refuge here.

Before and after



Assoziated project:
Plant count:
Plant type:
Enercon E-101/149 m
Realization period:
09.2014 - 11.2014

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