Selected compensating measures

For the erection and operation of wind energy turbines Sabowind puts a lot of energy in finding and planning appropriate compensating measures, while we try to compensate impairments directly at the location together with the local communities. The final agreement of the compensating measures is done by the nature conservation authority. From unsealing areas and plantations up to near-natural waters all measures are possible, which enhance the landscape and provide an ecological surplus for animals and nature.

hedge plantation for better habitat conditions for bats

upgrading of landscape

A 220 m long hedge consisting of three rows and an edge strip with herbs on both sides was planted in Kreuma (northern Saxony) to compensate impairments of nature and landscape as a result of the construction of two wind turbines within the community of Rackwitz.

Besides traditional fruit varieties, the plantation consists of classic hedge species like sloe, rose and elder. The hedge enhances the natural scenery and improves habitat conditions within the agricultural landscape, especially for bird and bat species potentially affected by the wind turbines. Structural diversity and functionality of the hedge is additionally enhanced by the diverse herb edge stripes.

Before and after



Northern Saxony
Assoziated project:
Plant count:
Plant type:
Enercon E-70 E4/64m
Realization period:
09.2016 - 11.2016

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