Selected compensating measures

For the erection and operation of wind energy turbines Sabowind puts a lot of energy in finding and planning appropriate compensating measures, while we try to compensate impairments directly at the location together with the local communities. The final agreement of the compensating measures is done by the nature conservation authority. From unsealing areas and plantations up to near-natural waters all measures are possible, which enhance the landscape and provide an ecological surplus for animals and nature.

creek restoration serves as flood protection

Measure supports self-dynamic water development and habitats

The restoration of the creek Helderbach between the communities of Heldrungen and Hauteroda (in Thuringia) is another compensating measure for the wind farm Heldrungen/Braunsroda. This measure enhances ecological water conditions and at the same time serves as flood protection. Additionally, the plantation of edge strips as well as a structural enrichment at Helderbach were implemented.

The bank borders on both sides serve as buffer zones against the input of substances from the adjacent agricultural land, which is particularly significant as the area is partly situated in drinking water protection zones II and III. Furthermore, the buffer zones provide space for a self-dynamic water development and provide habitat for numerous plant and animal species. Well-structured waters are more able to restrain flood waves. Also stones as well as planted poplars and willows near the embankment increase the rich structure and intensify this effect additionally.

Before and after



Kyffhäuser district
Assoziated project:
Plant count:
Plant type:
Enercon E-92/138 m, Enercon E-115/135 m
Realization period:
10.2016 - 08.2017

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