Selected compensating measures

For the erection and operation of wind energy turbines Sabowind puts a lot of energy in finding and planning appropriate compensating measures, while we try to compensate impairments directly at the location together with the local communities. The final agreement of the compensating measures is done by the nature conservation authority. From unsealing areas and plantations up to near-natural waters all measures are possible, which enhance the landscape and provide an ecological surplus for animals and nature.

conversion of an old tower into a bat habitat

historic building provides protection for many species

One of our most creative measures to compensate the construction of a wind turbine at wind farm Bernsdorf/Gersdorf is the creation of a ‘Bat Tower’. The measure has been developed in cooperation with the nature conservation authority of Zwickau and is located within the district of Zwickau where the wind energy project has been implemented.

The former air ventilation tower of an old mining facility is around 7 meters tall and protected as a historic monument. Through a species-specific expansion it was converted into a bat habitat without changing the protected outer substance. For instance a new roof was build that drains water into the tower, causing ideal climatic conditions inside the chamber. Furthermore, openings to enter the tower as well as bat stones were integrated into the building. The measure fulfills both purposes of monument protection and the use in line with the protection of species.

Since its completion, the tower provides habitat for different bat species, such as pipistrel, Natterer’s bat and Daubenton’s bat.

Before and after



district of Zwickau
Assoziated project:
Plant count:
Plant type:
Vestas V112/140 m, Vestas V126/149 m
Realization period:
04.2017 - 04.2018

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