We accompany you in all phases of a wind energy project

As pioneer of wind energy we planned and erected numerous onshore wind energy projects since 1991. As international company we work continuously on the enlargement of our capacities for the development of new projects. The Sabowind-value added chain integrates all stages of a wind energy project starting with the consultancy , the planning and development  up to the realization, the operations and maintenance, and a repowering.

The management of wind energy turbines is carried out by our own operating company Sabowind Service GmbH. We expand our service portfolio by taking over service and maintenance measures as well as site management and turnkey erection as general contractor for order projects.

  • Initial advice regarding the project with all concerned parties
  • Ascertain appropriate locations for the use of wind energy
  • The demands of communities and regional authorities, as well as infrastructural and environmental aspects are taken into account
  • Securing proprietary rights for necessary plots by the conclusion of sale or lease contracts
  • Assessment of wind potential by location-based measurements
  • Examination of noise and shadow emission
  • Selection of the appropriate turbine technology
  • Development of the optimal hardware configuration
  • Taking into account the demands of the turbine manufacturer
  • Feasibility decision regarding profitability and environmental sustainability
  • Preparation of master and local development plans
  • Assessment of the documents for the permission according to the binding law (in Germany Federal Emission Control Act and Federal Building Code)
  • Accomplishment of environmental impact assessments
  • Commissioning of wind potential and energy yield expert reports
  • Preparation of accompanying landscape preservation plans
  • Obtaining expert opinions concerning the animal environment; including monitoring of animals
  • Electro-technical conception of the grid connection
  • ASelection of the optimal technology for the communication between turbine, operator, energy provider, operation manager and service staff
  • Taking-over of projects in all development stages
  • Financial analysis: preparation of complete project documents with regard to the requirements of financing banks respectively potential buyers
  • Structuring of the project under company law
  • Development of a project-customized financial concept
  • Sale of the turnkey wind energy project
  • Accompanying the Due Diligence procedure
  • Installation of a data room in order to provide all documents
  • Preparation of contracts, liquidity planning and project controlling

Turnkey implementation as general contractor:

  • Tendering, negotiation and placing of construction works
  • Construction of road and foundation
  • Grid connection (e.g. transfer station, substation, cable installation)
  • Installation of communication technology
  • Erection and commissioning of the wind energy turbines
  • Co-ordination of the interests of specialist engineers, geologist and inspecting structural engineers
  • Implementation of compensating measures
  • Securing the feed-in by concluding the necessary contracts
Technical services:
  • Permanent monitoring of turbines for correct operation including on-call duty
  • Capture and filing of all business data and documents relating to each turbine in a manufacturer-independent database system
  • Incident management
  • Coordination and monitoring of repair and maintenance services
  • Planning and control of all essential recurring inspections and time frames
  • Inspection of wind turbines and associated turbine sections (e.g. substation, transformer and transfer station)
  • Implementation of switching operations up to 110 kV
  • Technical reporting
Commercial services:
  • Invoicing, credit note monitoring and payment transactions
  • Financial book keeping
  • Contract management
  • Insurance management, claim settlement and loss of earnings calculation
  • Obtaining and evaluating tenders for essential services and maintenance or testing
  • Direct marketing of energy, market analysis, contract management and liability management
Maintenance and repair
  • Maintenance and repair including large component exchanges
  • testing in compliance with the Employers’ Liability Association Regulations (DGUV regulation 3), expert knowledge testing for PPE, descender, hoist, ladder
  • Maintenance of transformers and transfer stations, equipment protection testing according to DGUV regulation 3
  • Green space management and winter road maintenance
  • Advice on the replacement of old wind energy turbines of the first generation by a lower number of more powerful and efficient turbines
  • Consideration of all economic and legal aspects of the turbine location
  • Decision on the feasibility of a project
  • Accompanying the operator in all stages of the wind energy project