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Wind farm in Czech Republic
Operating licence for the biggest wind farm in the Czech Republic

On Friday, 19.12.2009, the Vejprty building authority in the Comutov region of the Czech Republic awarded the official, legally binding operating licence for the 42 megawatt...

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Development in Polen
Polish project to be approved

eab energia wiatrowa Sp.zo.o. is expecting planning permission to be granted in December for the construction of ten new stand-alone sites in central Poland. Negotiations are...

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New projects follow a successful start-up in Poland

Following on from the sale of the first eab wind energy project in Poland at Inowroclaw, which marked the company's successful entry into the neighbouring country, subsequent...

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Implementation of Inowroclaw project – office opens in Bydgoszcz

At the beginning of June, working with the team from our Polish subsidiary, we made a start on the implementation of our first wind energy project in central Poland. The 32MW...

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First wind energy project in Poland

We shall start erecting our first wind energy project in Poland in May 2009. The wind energy project comprises 16 turbines (14 Vestas V90, 2MW, hub height 105m and two Vestas...

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