wind energy explained child-friendly

Freiberg/Leipzig, 1. February 2018. In its current issue the magazine agrarKIDS engages in the subject of wind energy for the third time already. The article is the result of a cooperation between agrarKIDS and Sabowind and shall impart the topic in a playful way to children aged between 9 and 13 years and inspire them for energy production from renewable energy resources.

Children are our future. Hence, it is an important concern of both parties to explain complex, but important and future-oriented subjects in a child-friendly way and to sensibilize children both for modern agriculture and forestry as well as for topics like environment and climate protection. At the same time it fulfills the demand for education and piques the kid’s curiosity to discover and understand new things.

A survey about wind energy showed that children are generally very interested in new things and are often more informed than adults suppose. AgrarKIDS and Sabowind organized that survey at the agriculture trade fair “Agra” in the town of Leipzig in 2017.

In addition to the already published articles a further one is planned for autumn 2018. In its magazine “agrarKIDS” the publisher AgrarKIDS reports about subjects like agriculture and other topics in order to strengthen the interest for agriculture especially of children living in the countryside. Sabowind develops, implements and operates wind energy projects. Considering this background the idea emerged to enrich these topics with mutual interesting contents.

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