Three repowering plants brought into the grid in Poland

Byydgoszcz / Freiberg, June 24th, 2020: This month Sabowind Polska is putting the last of the three Vestas V80 wind turbines into operation. The plants, which had previously been dismantled in Rhineland-Palatinate, were set up at three windy individual locations in central Poland.

The project was highly complex, starting with the dismantling and loading of the wind turbine parts, the complete dismantling of the plant location, through the heavy load transport to the reconstruction of the plants at the prepared new locations in central Poland. "Thanks to very good preparation, the entire team and all the companies involved in the process mastered this challenge almost smoothly," said Lidia Paczkowska, Managing Director of Sabowind Polska.

Despite extensive repair and maintenance measures, the three wind turbines were able to go into operation between January and June 2020 and now supply 4,500 households with green electricity. Due to the very good condition of the wind turbines, the operator sees real opportunities to enable operation for at least another ten years in order to be able to serve a Polish energy supply company from a direct marketing contract in the long term. Over this period, the three plants can produce about the same electricity as before in their 18 years of operation.

In cooperation with Sabowind Service from Freiberg, Sabowind Polska takes over remote monitoring and the technical and commercial management of the wind turbines.

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