The Greens wind tour 2018 through wind farm Bernsdorf/Gersdorf

Freiberg/Bernsdorf/Gersdorf, 5. April 2018. The energy policy spokesman of the Green Party in the Parliament of Saxony, Dr Gerd Lippold, visited wind farm Bernsdorf/Gersdorf during his wind tour 2018 through Saxony. The objective was to visit all locations where wind energy turbines had been implemented in 2017 and to get a picture of the current situation of wind energy in Saxony.

His conclusion confirms the Free State a lot of catching up on the development of wind energy. He criticizes especially the climate politics of the Parliament of Saxony. In 2017 only 15 new turbines had been implemented – less than one percent of all new turbines in Germany. The year before only 9 turbines had been commissioned. Even in the city state Hamburg more turbines had been implemented last year. Only in Berlin and Bremen less turbines had been erected. This is the result of the Saxon state development plan as amended in 2012. Against the coalition agreement the plan was adjusted with low development goals for the wind energy sector. Hence, it really thwarts the development of wind energy. There are hardly priority areas for wind energy left resp. areas are being eliminated. Lippold demands more areas for wind energy and reminds the Parliament of Saxony to “finish the blockade”.

Only in this way, new projects can be implemented in order to meet the development goals for a successful energy revolution in Saxony.

Picture: Andreas Kretschel

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