Sabowind starts repowering in wind farm Bernsdorf/Gersdorf

With the ground-breaking ceremony at the wind farm in Gersdorf/Bernsdorf, Sabowind gave the go-ahead for the dismantling of an old and the erection of three new high-performance wind turbines.

Under the project management of Sabowind GmbH, the Freiberg wind power project developer, three Vestas V126 wind turbines with a hub height of 166 meters each and a total rated power of 10.35 megawatts (MW) will be set up in the Gersdorf/Bernsdorf wind farm by the end of the year. For this purpose, a Nordex N54 with a hub height of 70 meters and a rated power of 1 MW will be dismantled. With an electricity production of 25 million kilowatt hours per year, approx. 8,000 households can be supplied with regenerative electricity and 12,000 tons of carbon dioxide can be saved.

"With a total of six new Sabowind turbines in the wind region, three were already installed in 2017, it is possible to produce more than four times as much energy as with the old turbines in the wind region," said Dr. Rainer Sack, Managing Director of Sabowind GmbH.

"Here in the Gersdorf/Bernsdorf wind region, the energy revolution continues taking shape. Despite the restrictive climate policy in Saxony, we are proud to have succeeded in building three wind turbines at this location. Especially considering that last year only ten wind turbines in total were built in Saxony, and that this year's balance will probably be even worse regarding enclosed wind turbines", said Mandy Bojack, Managing Director of Sabowind. (CEO?)

In order to involve and inform local citizens, Sabowind is planning another "Construction Site Open Day" for all interested parties in August of this year. Renate Scheibner, municipal council representative of Gersdorf, praises the planned event. "The day of the open building site was very well adopted two years ago and has taken away the fears of many citizens", said Scheibner. "Although the communities of Gersdorf and Bernsdorf did not give their agreement on the wind energy project, we were always able to work together constructively, fairly and solution-oriented," said Bojack. In addition to the municipal representative, the construction companies E-NG GmbH and Hagner GmbH also took part in the ground-breaking ceremony. "The construction companies build the paths, crane parking spaces and foundations so that the turbine manufacturer can subsequently erect the wind turbines," said Nico Weniger, Sabowind project manager.

Sabowind compensates for the sealing of areas and the change in the landscape by providing compensation measures that contribute to the enhancement of nature and landscape. Field hedges will be cultivated in Gersdorf and Langenchursdorf as well as flowering areas and orchards. In the area of species protection, new neighbourhoods will be created in the immediate vicinity for affected bat species. All measures have a cost volume of around 240,000 euros and aim to be implemented by mid-2020.

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