Sabowind Service: Large-component replacement in Saxony's oldest wind farm

Freiberg, June 2019: Sabowind Service GmbH changed the azimuth rotation wreath at one of the oldest wind energy plants in Saxony, a Vestas V27 built in 1992 on the Hirtstein nearby Satzung.

Despite the small system with only 30 meters hub height and an output of 225 kW, the effort was enormous. The rotor and the entire machine house had to be dismantled by means of a crane.

On the floor, the entire machine house cladding was then dismantled in order to be able to replace the azimuth rotary wreath. The operation had become necessary because a large number of teeth had broken out on the rotary wreath and repairs on the system were no longer possible.

After only three days of operation, the wind energy turbine was successfully put back into operation.

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