Sabowind expands wind farm in Tanna

Freiberg/Tanna, 03.09.2019: At the beginning of August, Sabowind GmbH received the building permission in accordance with the German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) for the construction of a wind energy turbine in the wind priority area of Tanna/Schilbach. The wind farm, which belongs to the regional planning area of Eastern Thuringia, is located in the east of the A9 highway and will be expanded from 12 to a total of 13 wind turbines. Thus, the wind area is used optimally and no further extension is permitted without the wind turbines being dismantled beforehand.

The construction of the wind turbine type Enercon E-138 with a hub height of 110 meters is planned for next year. Existing paths in the wind farm can partly be used for the transport of the turbine. With a rated output of 3.5 megawatts, the turbine can supply 2,200 households with green electricity annually and save 6,000 tons of carbon dioxide. After completion of the construction work, Sabowind Service GmbH will take over the technical and commercial management of the plant.

In order to compensate for the landscape and nature impacts associated with the construction of the wind turbine, Sabowind is providing extensive compensation and replacement measures. The compensation measures from the previous wind farm project in Tanna, in which Sabowind renatured part of the Schilbach stream, will now be completed by the measure scheduled for next year. With a total investment of around 60,000 euro, a new pond will be created in the community of Schilbach, creating valuable habitat and opportunities for retreat, primarily for insects, amphibians and birds.

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