Sabowind breaks ground for solar park Dittersbach

in the picture f.l.t.r.: Stefan Sekul, Mandy Bojack, Thomas Firmenich, Florian Aurich.

Frankenberg/Freiberg, 28.09.2020: Today Sabowind begins with the construction work fort he planned open photovoltaic system Dittersbach on about 7,5 hectares with a total output of 8.3 MWp.

Frankenberg´s mayor Thomas Firmenich broke ground for the project together with Florian Aurich, responsible for underground work and economic development of the city of Frankenberg, Mandy Bojack, Sabowind director as well as Stefan Sekul, Sabowind planning manager for energy projects.

The city of Frankenberg invited tenders for an unused commercial space fort he construction of an open-space PV system, for which Sabowind was awarded the contract. „We are very pleased to be able to bring the energy transition in Saxony a little further with the construction of our first regional solar park of this dimension. Just like with wind energy projects, our planning is geared towards keeping the interference with nature as small as possible and compensating for it through effective measures on site“, says Mandy Bojack. With the erection oft he solar park the arable land is converted into green area and gains in ecological value. Habitats are created for animal species that had no survival chance on the previously intensively used arable land. In addition, Sabowind is creating a flowering area between the adjacent federal highway B169 and the solar park, on the one hand to make a further contribution tot he ecosystem and on the other hand to enhance landscape.

The time schedule for the project stipulates that we start building the road on the construction site today. Then the module tables are set up, the modules are installed and finally the grid connection is established. The solar park will deliver environmetally friendly electricity to around 2,200 households this year“, says Stefan Sekul.

As the property owner, the city of Frankenberg receives an annual lease payment for the use of the area and at the same time improves its ecological balance. „With the new solar park in Dittersbach, the city of Frankenberg/ Sa. set an example for renewable energies. The approximately 7.5 hectare area borders directly to the west of Frankenberg´s only existing open-air photovoltaic system, which was built in 2010. „I am delighted that we were able to commisiion a regional company fort he implementation and that environmentally friendly electricity can be generated on site. The city is thus making an important contribution to climate protection and living up to its role model function as an eea-certified European climate protection community“, said mayor Thomas Firmenich.

Sabowind, headquartered in Freiberg, plans, builds and operates wind energy and photovoltaic systems as well as transformer stations in Germany and Poland. Sabowind has installed renewable energy projects with a capacity of 430 MW for over 25 years.

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