New power for 2012

Mit neuer Energie ins Jahr 2012

A successful year came to an end for the eab Projektmanagement GmbH. A special event was the 20 years anniversary in May. In addition to the market entry in the direct sale of wind energy, the planned projects with a total rated power of 12,75 MW were realised successfully. At the site of Pegau the wind energy turbines went into operation in June, followed by the commissioning at the sites of Streumen in September and Schmiedefeld in November.

The completion of the projects Gersdorf with one turbine and Rossau with two turbines is planned for the end of February this year depending on the weather conditions. The infrastructure and the grid connections are already finished, so the erection of the three wind energy turbines of the type Vestas V90-2.0MW with a hub height of 125 m can start immediately.

This year we expect the building permissions for 9 projects with a total output of 51 MW, for the realisation 4 projects with a total rated power of 8,5 MW are planned. At the beginning of March the erection of a wind energy turbine of the type Enercon E70 starts. This turbine will go into operation in the second quarter.

We will further develop the technical and commercial management of wind energy turbines in Germany and Poland. The basis is already created with the companies eab Windservice GmbH and eab windservice sp. z o.o. Together with further personnel reinforcements in both companies we are well-positioned for the challenges in 2012 and we look forward to another successful year.

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