Large component exchange by Sabowind Service

Aschersleben, 02.03.2016: For the first time Sabowind Service has changed the main generator of a wind energy turbine of the wind farm Aschersleben. With the aid of a crane the damaged generator of a Vestas V47 with a hub height of 65 meters was exchanged for a rebuilt generator only within one day. After working completion the wind energy turbine was able to start operation at the same day. The fast and successful realization of the component change confirms the Sabowind Service objective, that the efficient operation of the wind energy turbine is ranked first.

In 2000 Sabowind GmbH erected the wind farm Aschersleben with four wind energy turbines of the type Vestas V47 with a total rated power of 2,640 kW.

(Photo: exchange of generator in Aschersleben) 

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