Investment approval for the first wind farm in Vietnam

Übergabe der Investitionsgenehmigung

Phan Rang, Vietnam – On the 17th of October 2009 the international “Ninh Thuan Investment Promotion Conference 2009” took place in the Vietnamese Province Ninh Thuan in Phan Rang-Thap Cham. The President Nguyen Minh Triet was present, when the Governor of the Province Nguyen Tri Dung handed over the investment approval for the first wind energy project in the Province Ninh Thuan with a total rated power of 50 MW and 1495 billion VND to eab vietwindpower Co., Ltd., represented by Mr. Dr. Rainer Sack and Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thuy.

The coast province issued the official investment allowance with the expectation to implement the wind farm “Phuoc Huu” as soon as possible. The Povince Ninh Thuan and eab took up this challenge gladly: “We want to work closely with the Province and like to assist them in the implementation of their strategic goals using wind energy and so advancing economic development of the region by job creation”, said managing director Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thuy.

“This goal we want to achieve by cooperating in future with a manufacture of wind turbines to guarantee a stable operation of the turbines. Jobs are going to create by construction of a local service structure as well as an international management”, represents managing director Dr. Rainer Sack. eab Projektmanagement GmbH sees this first project as an entry in Vietnam and the Province Ninh Thuan; further projects are already in preparation.

One year ago eab Projektmanagement GmbH founded the 100% subsidiary eab vietwindpower Co., Ltd. located in Hanoi and created the basis with a team of well trained staff for the development and implementation of wind farms in Vietnam. The coastal region of Ninh Thuan offers very good conditions for using wind energy. Own measurements suggests that in a hub height of 80 meters we expect an constantlyaverage wind speed of 7,5 meters per second. Furthermore, the power grid expanded since the 80s well.

Despite of the rising energy demand in Vietnam there is no approved wind energy project, which has been realized. Therefore the republic and in particular the province Ninh Thuan are open-minded about the establishment and operation of wind farms.

The investment meeting takes place annually in a province of Vietnam and is arranged by the Vietnamese Ministry of planning and investment. The province presents its socio-economic development strategy and the next investment projects by handing over the permission to the domestic and foreign initiators within a official ceremony.

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