Construction at the site Mochau has started - SDL-Bonus for MM92

Wegebau in Mochau

On Monday, 27th of September 2010, the general contractor eab Projektmanagement GmbH started the building of a wind turbine of the type REpower MM92 at the site of Mochau, located in Saxony/Germany.

After the building of the roads and the crane pad as well as a necessary soil stabilisation the foundation shall be completed by the end of October. The initial operation is scheduled for the beginning of December of this year.

As REpower is in a position to provide the necessary certificate, this wind energy project will meet the demands of the new German regulation “Systemdienstleistungsverordnung” already with the initiation. After initiation, the specific certificate for the project will be issued and handed in at the regional energy provider in order to obtain the so called “SDL-Bonus”, i.e. a bonus of 0,5 Eurocent per kWh.

The site Mochau is located within the already existing wind park with the same name close to the motorway A 14 between Mochau and Döbeln in Saxony. The turbine of the type REpower MM92 with a rated power of 2,05 MW, a rotor diameter of 92 m and a hub height of 80 m shall produce 4,8 m. kWh per year and thus will provide app. 2,400 2-person-housholds with clean energy.

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