Compensatory measures for wind turbine construction in Melaune

Planting measure Wittgendorf

Sabowind GmbH: The first turf for the Enercon E-101 wind turbine on the Melaune (East Saxony) site was cut on 01.04.2014. The turbine will have a hub height of 149m and a nominal output of 3.05MW. As compensation for the resulting impact on the natural environment, two extensive planting projects have been planned, which are to be implemented in the third quarter of 2014.

In the District of Wittgensdorf near Zittau, a traditional grassland orchard with apple, pear, cherry and plum trees will be planted on a 0.4 hectare greenfield site. A firm from Zittau has been commissioned to plant a double hedge along the western and southern boundaries of the site. This will come with a 10-year maintenance plan.

The Löbau town council is making a site south of the town available for additional planting. A mixed hedgerow, up to15m thick and stretching for around 350m, will be planted along a greenway on a greenfield site that previously saw intensive use. The hedgerow will provide habitat connectivity to the Löbauer Wasser river valley. When selecting plants, special attention will be paid to developing a habitat for insects, birds and small mammals. The project will be augmented by a traditional grassland orchard to the north of the Löbau Süd housing development; the orchard will cover around 700m² and will be surrounded by a thick mixed hedgerow. Sabowind GmbH is investing around 55,000 euro in these two projects.

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