The success story of Sabowind


415 MW

  • Successful participation in bidding for wind energy projects
  • New building of our hall for wind energy service
  • Installation and Implementing of a 40 kWp- photovoltaics system for self supply of energy

412 MW

  • Sabowind implements 55 Megawatt
  • As part of a project cooperation Sabowind connects the 30-Megawatt-park Luko to the grid in record time
  • The quality management of Sabowind Service is DIN ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Sabowind receives ThEGA award "Gemeinsam und fair geht mehr" in the category "Wind and Nature" for highly considering the guidelines of the seal "Fair wind energy in Thuringia" in the wind project Heldrungen

363 MW

  • We celebrate our 25th anniversary
  • Sabowind is certified as a fair player in developing and realizing wind energy projects in Thuringia
  • Sabowind Service has perform their first large component exchange on wind turbines
  • We realized nine wind energy turbines with more than 23 Megawatt rated power in Germany

338 MW

  • Sabowind Service GmbH is DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified for their quality management in the technical and commercial management of wind energy turbines and transformer stations, services and maintenance
  • Sabowind GmbH is awarded with the first place at the “wind website award”
  • 9 wind energy projects were developed by Sabowind GmbH in Germany and Poland 

320 MW

  • change of name: eab Projektmanagement GmbH is now called Sabowind GmbH, eab Windservice GmbH is now called Sabowind Service GmbH, eab energia wiatrowa Sp. z o.o. is now called Sabowind Polska Sp. z o.o. and eab vietwindpower Co., Ltd. is now called Sabowind Vietnam Co., Ltd.
  • We implement our first two repowering projects in Saxony and Thuringia

316 MW

  • eab wind farm Zuromin in Poland is put into operation
  • eab windservice Sp.zo.o. resumes the management for their first turbines in Poland
  • In Thuringia we start with the erection of the highest wind energy turbine so far
  • We modernize and expand our office building in Freiberg

303 MW

  • Commitment of EU-subsidies for a 6 MW project in Poland
  • Since our reorganization in 2008 we have doubled our capacity and have grown from a total of 15 to 36 employees
  • eab put 216 turbines and 303 MW into operation, for a total investment of about 470 Mio. €

294 MW

  • eab celebrates 20 Years Renewable Energy
  • Heliotec Energiesysteme GmbH, founded in 1991, adopts the technical and commercial management of wind energy turbines in Germany under the name of eab Windservice GmbH
  • Market entry in the direct sale of wind energy

281 MW

  • eab has commissioned 201 wind energy turbines and 281 MW with a total investment of approx. 410, 000,000 €
  • Setting up of eab windservice Sp. z o.o. for technical and commercial management of wind energy turbines in Poland

275 MW

  • In Poland we have developed a project volume of 20 MW ready for building
  • We opened our office in Hanoi and start to develop large-scale projects in Vietnam.

267 MW

  • eab implements its first wind energy project in Poland: Inowrocław with 32 MW
  • With the setting up of eab Projektmanagement GmbH we restructure the company. Acting as a super-ordinate company eab Projektmanagement GmbH takes over strategic decisions and thus simplifies company-wide actions.

212 MW

  • On the ridge of the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains), south of Freiberg, we erected currently the biggest wind farm of the Czech Republic with 42 MW, so far our largest project abroad.
  • Altogether we have implemented a project volume of 167 wind energy turbines with a total rated power of 212 MW and an investment volume of 290, 000, 000 €.

165 MW

  • eab erects currently the biggest wind farm of Central Germany: Alsleben with 36 wind energy turbines and a total rated power of 54 MW.
  • Market entry in Poland: Opening of the eab office in Bydgoszcz.

107 MW

  • We exceed the 100-MW-limit and our biggest project so far goes on line: wind farm Holleben with 17 GE 1.5 sl-turbines and 25.5 MW.
  • eab is involved in the implementation of its first wind farm abroad, on the Isle of Pag in Croatia.
  • Expansion of our activities into Hungary: participation in Schnell-Invest Kft.
  • eab starts with the implementation of the first and at the same time biggest tracking solar park in Eastern Germany.

75 MW

  • We erect the first wind energy turbines in Saxony with a hub height of 100 m: wind farm Zodel with 8 GE 1.5sl.
  • eab achieves the 100 Million Euro-limit of total investments.

53 MW

  • eab establishes its Italian subsidiary, Italian Wind Power s.r.l. and starts planning activities in Sardinia.
  • Enlargement of our business activities to technical and commercial management of wind energy turbines

40 MW

  • We have put into operation 56 wind energy turbines with approx. 40 MW.
  • eab starts business activities abroad with the development of large-scale projects in the Czech Republic and Brazil.

10 MW

  • Setting-up of eab Projektbau GmbH for the development and turnkey erection of wind farms in Germany, the abbreviation eab stands for the German word “Energie-Anlagen-Bau” (i.e. erection of power generators).
  • eab implements four wind energy projects.

3 MW

  • Implementation of our first wind farm: Clausnitz.
  • Starting with the preparation of wind potential and energy yield expert reports for own projects and for the planning of third parties.

0,3 MW

  • Planning and erection of our first and at that time most powerful wind energy turbine of the type Südwind N3127 (270 kW) in Dittmannsdorf near Freiberg.
  • Setting-up of Heliotec Energiesysteme GmbH and of Heliotec Ingenieurbüro (engineering office) in Freiberg in order to develop concepts for the use of renewable energies.
  • First wind measurements for wind potential and energy yield studies
  • As pioneer of wind energy co-founder Dr. Rainer Sack accompanied the development of the company from the beginning and is today the Managing Director of eab Projektmanagement GmbH.