Sabowind Service: Large-component replacement in Saxony's oldest wind farm

Freiberg, June 2019: Sabowind Service GmbH changed the azimuth rotation wreath at one of the oldest wind energy plants in Saxony, a Vestas V27 built in 1992 on the Hirtstein nearby Satzung.

Despite the...

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Enterpreneurs for future

Freiberg, 17.06.2019: Sabowind GmbH supports the initiative "economy wants more climate protection". Enterpreneurs for future campaigns that the economy advance with innovative products, technologies,...

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Sabowind in pictures


In the wind farm of Gersdorf it is working on the foundation of one of three wind turbines.   


Change in perspective of energy production. Visitation of generating station in Lippendorf to the annual conference of VEE. 


Our engineers have a breakfast on the top of a wind energy turbine in wind farm Gersdorf.  


The subbase in the wind farm Gersdorf is build in. 


The wind turbine in Dennheritz is finally erected and is currently being put into operation.

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Sabowind starts repowering in wind farm Bernsdorf/Gersdorf

With the ground-breaking ceremony at the wind farm in Gersdorf/Bernsdorf, Sabowind gave the go-ahead for the dismantling of an old and the erection of three new...

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Sabowind Service concludes further maintenance agreements

Freiberg, 1st of March 2019. Sabowind Service enlarges its competence for additional turbine types with the conclusion of further maintenance agreements. Since the beginning of...

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Sabowind puts 40 kWp photovoltaics system into operation

Freiberg, 9th January 2019. In December last year our 40-kWp photovoltaics system was put into operation on the roof of the new erected Sabowind Service hall. With an estimated...

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Commissioning with municipal agreement

Freiberg/Dennheritz, 23rd November 2018. On 23rd November 2018 Sabowind commissioned together with the Vestas service team the wind energy turbine in Dennheritz that has been...

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