Ground-breaking ceremony: construction works has started in wind farm Luko

Dresden/ Freiberg/Luko, 28th of March 2017: Recently, the building work for the wind farm has started. Today the ground-breaking ceremony was realised by the VSB, Sabowind and GE Wind Energy. Until...

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Ground-breaking ceremony for expansion of wind farm Artern/Kachstedt

Voigtstedt/Freiberg, 14th of March 2017: Recently, construction vehicles are moving over the area of the wind farm near the commune Voigtstedt next to the motorway A71. The ground-breaking ceremony for the...

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Sabowind in pictures


Sabowind Service GmbH at the gearing exchange.


Delivery of main components in our Polish wind farm in Naklo. 


In our wind farm in Heldrungen the rotor of the Enercon E-92 are going to install. 


Turbine erection in wind farm of Alsleben.


Mayor Norbert Enke is enjoying the wind in the wind farm of Heldrungen. Photo: Ralf Geißler, MDR


Sabowind celebrates its 25th company anniversary with a stopover in the wind farm Alsleben.   

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Sabowind erects three wind turbines as general contractor in wind farm “GI Lohe”

Vielau, 6th of March 2017: Sabowind GmbH expands the priority area for wind energy in “GI Lohe”, located near the city Zwickau and close to the motorway A72, about three...

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VSB and Sabowind receive permission for wind farm Coswig-Luko

Freiberg/Dresden, 22th of December 2016: Success by the end of the year: Sabowind GmbH receive in cooperation with VSB Neue Energien Deutschland GmbH the permission from the...

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Sabowind gets building permission for further wind turbine in Saxony

Freiberg, 13th December 2016: In the end of November 2016 Sabowind GmbH got the permit to erect a further wind energy turbine in an already existing priority area for wind...

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Wind farm Heldrungen grows by one further wind energy turbine

Freiberg, 29th of November: In the end of October Sabowind got the permit to erect a further wind energy turbine of the type Enercon E-101 in the already existing priority area...

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