Merry Christmas and new power for 2017!

The whole Sabowind-team says Thank you to all business partners and friends for the good cooperation and the offered trust in the last year.

We wish you a merry and reflective Christmas, to get new power...

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Start of erection of wind turbine in Bernsdorf/Gersdorf

Bernsdorf, 14th of September 2016. In mid August Sabwind got the permit to erect a further wind turbine in an already existing priority area for wind energy. The turbine of the type Enercon E-92 with 138 m...

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Sabowind in pictures


Sabowind Service GmbH at the gearing exchange.


Delivery of main components in our Polish wind farm in Naklo. 


In our wind farm in Heldrungen the rotor of the Enercon E-92 are going to install. 


On the agriculture fair "Grüne Tage" in Thuringia Sabowind replied questions of wind energy.  


Working for bringing the wind energy turbines into service are carried out since 8th of september.   


At the construction site open day Sabowind advises residents of Heldrungen of the wind energy turbines.  


Turbine erection in wind farm of Alsleben.


Turbine erection in wind farm of Alsleben.


Mayor Norbert Enke is enjoying the wind in the wind farm of Heldrungen. Photo: Ralf Geißler, MDR


The wind energy turbines in Heldrungen/Thuringia are almost completed. 


Sabowind celebrates its 25th company anniversary with a stopover in the wind farm Alsleben.   


Sabowind Service with own special technique for mowing lawn at wind energy turbines. 


Abseil training of the fire department Brand Erbisdorf. 


Windfarm Zug from above with line of sight to Weigmannsdorf.

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Sabowind expands Polish wind farm

Naklo, 20th of July 2016: On 4th of July we breaked the ground for the expansion of the Polish wind farm in Naklo. A further wind energy turbine of the type Senvion MM92 with a...

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Preparation for building of Polish wind energy project

Freiberg, 15th of March, 2016: Sabowind Polska Sp. z o.o has developed a Polish wind energy project for building and sold it to a Danish investor. The project on the site of...

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Large component exchange by Sabowind Service

Aschersleben, 02.03.2016: For the first time Sabowind Service has changed the main generator of a wind energy turbine of the wind farm Aschersleben. With the aid of a crane the...

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Renewable Energy for more than 3,000 households in Saxony and Thuringia

Since November 2015 Sabowind has implemented and grid connected three wind energy projects in Saxony and Thuringia.

In Wernsdorf Sabowind had put a further wind energy turbine...

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