Sabowind at Spreewind wind energy conference from 7th – 9th November in Warnemünde

Freiberg, 02.11.2017: The wind energy conference of the company Spreewind GmbH, one of the biggest German events of wind energy industry, will take place for the 26th time. Under this year’s motto...

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Saxony-Anhalt: VSB and Sabowind put wind farm Luko into operation

Dresden/ Freiberg/Luko, 29th of September 2017. In the framework of a project cooperation between the wind energy project developers Sabowind GmbH and VSB Neue Energien Deutschland GmbH the wind farm Luko...

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Sabowind in pictures


Sabowind at the 26th wind energy conference of Spreewind


interested students of the special school in Hirschfeld (Saxony) visit our wind turbine at Vielau


The Sabowind team explored the Spreewald region during this year’s team event.


On the occasion of the commissioning of the wind farm in Luko the Managing Directors handed over a donation amounting to 10.000 € to the communities Luko and Thießen.


The 30 MW wind farm in Luko with 12 wind turbines is fully erected.


On the occasion of the city festival in Pruszcz Sabowind enlightened townspeople about wind energy. 


The wind energy turbine V126 in Vielau (Saxony) is fully erected and is producing green energy from now on. 


In Voigtstedt/North Thuringia both wind turbines are fully erected and are being prepared for commissioning.

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Sabowind donates for non-profit projects in Luko and Thießen

Luko 21th of September. After the construction works at the wind farm in Luko are finished, the mayor of the city Coswig, Axel Clauß, and the mayor of the districts Thießen...

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More than 50 MW brought to the grid by Sabowind until September 2017

Freiberg 21st of July. With 140.000 MWh this year alone Sabowind makes a significant contribution to the renewable energy production in Germany. Since the end of June...

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Sabowind celebrates the dedication of the wind farm Heldrungen with project participants

Braunsroda/Freiberg 22th of May 2017. After four wind energy plants in Heldrungen and Reinsdorf were brought into service and the construction works in the wind farm were...

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What children think about wind energy

Leipzig/Freiberg, 15th of May 2017. The "KinderAgra" belongs to the agriculture exposition "Agra" in Leipzig, which took place from the 4th to the 7th of May. In line with...

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